Universities of Berlin, Manchester and Cambridge

One Life – Three Universities

– Berlin
– Manchester
– Cambridge

Wittgenstein studied at the universities of Berlin (Engineering), Manchester (Aeronautics) and Cambridge (Philosophy). Later he became a professor at Cambridge. The three universities have agreed to collaborate to support the re-establishing of Wittgenstein’s house in Skjolden. The collaboration will also include an extended group from the University in Bergen (Philosophy, Wittgenstein archive) and the University of Vienna, as well as other related Wittgenstein
activities in Austria.

The three universities are interested in the concepts of «lost space» and «lost memory» and have competence within building preservation, history of art, architecture, planning, sustainability, tourism, logistics, refurbishment method and technique. The group has access to Wittgenstein archives in Cambridge, Manchester and Berlin.

The project will mobilise students and international engagement, establish courses and participate in the reconstruction of the house.

The project will be coordinated by professor Harald N. Røstvik.


Listen: NRK Verdibørsen February 25th 2017

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