Purpose and vision

The Wittgenstein Foundation in Skjolden (SWiS) is a privately owned non-governmental foundation established in 2014 with five partners. Each partner has one representative on the foundation’s board.


  1. Secure the historical and cultural legacy of Wittgenstein in Skjolden
  2. Develop and manage the spot and the building related to Wittgenstein’s house by the lake Eidsvatnet in Skjolden and thereby contribute to growth locally.
  3. Make available knowledge and history related to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s life in Skjolden. This will include relevant national and international professional groups.
  4. Secure the historical values and items related to Wittgenstein’s stay in Skjolden.


The first objective is to move the house back to its original spot, improve the access to the house and establish proper information available for visitors.



In a more visionary perspective, Skjolden should be developed into an «area of philosophy», an international travel destination for multifarious experiences based on philosophy as a theme. By walks of reflections to hot spots to wake the philosophical interest and to challenge personal reflections, visitors will achieve to share Wittgenstein´s ideas in his own unique surroundings: in the silence by the lake, the fjord, and the mountains.

The visionary phase has a great potential. Its realization is depending on «hitting the feelings» of the right sponsor.